“A fantastic insight into the power and potential of one of the professional tools we use more than any other – our voice”

Andrew Haigh – Director, Homeowners Friendly Society

“This is the tenth year Susan and her company have been invited back to work at the Institute of Education to run their highly successful series of workshops. Each year they receive rave reviews from colleagues who testify to the friendly yet formal structure of the sessions and even our ‘busiest’ of staff find the time in their diaries to attend. They are professional, passionate and committed to their work and to say that I highly recommend them would quite frankly be an understatement. They are absolutely brilliant. ”

Jacqui Macdonald JP, BA, PGCE, MSc, GCCEG, ACMI – Head of Staff Development, Institute of Education, University of London

“Susan does a great job of relaxing you and making you aware of the impact of your voice. She can improve your range and confidence hugely.”

Bernard Gray – Chief Executive, CMP

“Susan really puts the energy back into how to make a presentation and present yourself. Having worked with her over the years, I'd say if you want something that’s not run of the mill and gets results, book her, now.”

Sue Langley – Director, Lloyd’s Market Operations & North America

“Susan did a superb job! It was enjoyable, participative and a fresh learning experience”

Lloyd Bradford – Senior Project Manager, Anglovaal Mining

“Pretty much everything covered can be used in practice, brilliant. Meeting Susan reminded me of that moment in The Matrix when Neo visits the Oracle. She has a calming energy and endless wisdom that just leaves you feeling stronger, more confident and ready to speak up.”

Paul Conville – Teaching fellow, University of Leicester

“I want to thank Susan for her patience, genuine feedback and ability to bring out the best of even those who seem to have difficulty having a quiet voice or English being a second language.”

Fahud Al-Helal – General Manager, Saudi Aramco

“Covering all aspects of voice production, Susan Henry’s assured guidance will improve your ability to communicate in any situation. If you put the work in, it is an investment in yourself which will pay off many times over. The self-confidence which comes with an improved voice, enhances every activity in which effective communication is required”

Eric Young – Studio Engineer, BBC

“It’s amazing how much better one can get in one afternoon”

Craig Soesty – Vice President, Parsons

“Definitely the most useful course I’ve ever done and one of the most enjoyable”

Katie Wood – Researcher, Institute of Education

“The experience and improvement I got out of the session is just incredible”

Thomas Thumb – Assistant Commissioner, Urban Transport Department