What we do

Bespoke courses designed to fit your requirements
Off the shelf courses
One to one coaching

All levels of presenting ability can be catered for from beginners to very experienced speakers wishing to move on to the next level. 

We offer courses and workshops from two hour lunchtime learning sessions to week long courses or developmental courses spread over several weeks.

Typically we come to your workplace or find an alternative venue that suits 

Topics covered include: 

  • Content, style and key messages
  • Tailoring content to fit specific audiences
  • Storytelling techniques for the vocal rather than written medium
  • Awareness of how you come across
  • Defining individual presenting style
  • Presence and impact
  • Vocal delivery
  • Authenticity
  • Voice health care
  • Use of volume, pace and pauses
  • Speaking with authority
  • Channelling nerves and building confidence
  • Drawing out the performer
  • Body language and vitality
  • Using your voice to engage and inspire
  • Developing clearer speech and diction
  • Range, inflection and phrasing
  • Vocal passion
  • Accent work
  • Posture and alignment
  • Using visual aids, power point, autocue, podcast and webinar
  • Dealing with impromptu speaking
  • Dealing with high stress situations and difficult audiences
  • How to prepare for a presentation
  • Adapting to the different vocal demands of different sized audiences
  • Understanding and adapting to different cultural presenting styles
  • Learning a Standard English accent
  • Use of influencing skills in structure and delivery
  • Preparing effectively with little time
  • Vocal leadership and carrying an audience with you